Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did you all know.....

human head with lightbulb on top

That there is an EDM 310 help line? I saw the number posted on the board in the back of the lab and I said to myself, "I may need to write this down". Well, low and behold I had a question about the special assignment posted on the EDM 310 blog. So, I first e-mailed Dr. Strange my question and after several hours ( almost 24) with no response,( I figured my e-mail may have been overlooked since he is so busy getting the classes up an running) I decided then to do the next best thing. I called the help line and guess what? The prompt asked me for my name and then connected me to Dr. Strange! He answered my question and gave me an explanation as to why he posted that particular assignment. So write this number down 251-272-9023 and give it a ring if you have any trouble. So, now for a quick shout out! THANK YOU DR. STRANGE FOR YOUR HELP THIS MORNING!


  1. Thank you so much for posting that number! Somehow I skipped right over that very important number. I am sure that it will come in handy over the course of the semester!

  2. Hey! I use this all the time. I feel bad about it sometimes, but they all are so willing to help and it's not easy for me to get up to the school unless I have class. Just to let you guys know, you can send text messages to this number as well.