Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SMARTboard Analysis

I chose to "teach" my SMARTboard lesson to an a classroom of second graders so that I could get some "actual" experience under my belt. I must say that I was nervous, but ready to take on this challenge. I have used the SMARTboard prior to this assignment, but not enough to be an expert at it. I scoped out the SMARTboard exchange and began my quest to find a lesson that would help my, field experience second graders, with their knowledge and concepts of Solids, Liquids, and Gases. I found one, but it needed a few more slides to really drive home what I felt they needed to know. So, I ended up adding a few of my own slides. I was very excited that I was able to teach myself how to make them up and do a few transitions to keep the lesson interesting. The SMARTboard was so much fun to use and it seemed to hold the students attention.

Here is the summary analysis from the form that I generated in Google Docs.

Of those that took the quiz:

Everyone knew the definition of Matter, and knew the 3 states of Matter. Only 94% of those who took the survey knew the definition of a solid, but only 88% picked out the correct example. Seventy- five percent of those surveyed know that a gas flows easily, can't be seen and takes the shape of the container it's in. There was a tricky question about liquids that had 2 correct answers, but only 94% of you picked the "best" answer.

For my performance, 100% of those surveyed felt that the students learning goal was made clear and effective planning skills were used in the presentation. Also, 100% of those surveyed thought the lesson was organized and appropriate for the grade level. 100% thought that I communicated well with the students and demonstrated basic knowledge of the SMARTboard.

For my final question on the survey, I asked for them to grade my presentation. I received a grade of "A".

I was excited to learn that the majority of the people surveyed got the correct answers. And all of them gave me a passing grade. Its a good feeling, knowing that I am doing what I know I was called to do. Thank you to all that took part in the survey.

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