Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Post # 12

For this assignment we were asked to create a blog post assignment complete with instructions.

picture of kid at computer that says internet safety

I wanted to do something that I think has not been covered as much as it should have in this class, so I went with internet safety.

Watch the following video facebook internet safety for schools and think about what the students are saying and write a paragraph on what you think about it.

I am aware that face book has not been a requirement for this class, but the majority of students including lower elementary school students have face book accounts and I think that if technology is going to be a part of your classroom activities this needs to be addressed.

Now watch this video (4:47)Internet safety
and write a paragraph or two about it and how it made you feel.

Watch this video as well. Orangedale Internet Safety school Stop and write a paragraph about how this type of assembly could help students more aware of internet safety. Finally, answer this question: Should this type of assembly be a requirement for all schools in your district? why or why not?

My completed assignment:

first video:
This is a great video made by students regarding face book safety. The boys really provide some great tid-bits of information for using face book properly. The best one is; Do not be friends with anyone that you do not know, even if your friends are friends with them.
This can really get kids into trouble, because you just do not know who is on the other side of that computer just waiting on one child to accept a friendship request and develop a relationship with them, only to manipulate them into doing God knows what.

second video:

This video had my heart pumping and by the end of it I was crying. This video seemed so real, and it really does happen this way. The predator gets to know the child on a personal level and them arranges a meeting with the child by lying and before anyone knows the predator has her in his grips. As a future educator, I couldn't imagine that, using something so great like technology would endanger my students in this way. It makes me really think about what I want to teach my students and how to do it without scaring them to death. I think it is so important for students to understand the danger and what to do if a situation arises. I never want my future students to be afraid of technology because technology is not going anywhere, so we may as well prepare them as best we can.

third video:
This type of assembly would definitely help students of all ages. What happened to Julie can happen to anyone. The video offered great advice to students about what to do and what not to do. What I really liked, was the video included a personal experience from one of their peers. I think that is what drew me in to this video. Although Julie didn't give many details about what happened to her, it sparked my imagination and gave me a vivid picture in my head about the dangers of internet use and if not properly addressed, there will be other students who fall victim to dangerous individuals.

I think this assembly should be a requirement for all students at all schools. If we are going to educate our students using technology then we should educate them about how to use it properly.


I can speak from a personal experience, even if you are a "nosy" type of parent and you think you have done everything possible to protect your child against the dangers of online predators, think again. I can assure you that any child, no matter their maturity level can be manipulated into doing anything. These assemblies could save a child's life, GET INVOLVED, Let's be a generation of technologically literate teachers who are committed to teaching students about the importance of internet safety.


  1. Kelly,
    I really enjoyed the second video the most. Although the other two give great tips/rules, this makes it real. My heart was pumping and I can only imagine how many children are effected by this daily. It's something that we as teachers must address, starting at a young age. We have to get parents on board and other teachers. I don't want my students or children to have to deal with this temptation, but I feel like it's inevitable. We just have to do everything in our power to reduce the chances of danger through the internet.

    The first video was fun and would be great for younger elementary age children. I like the idea of teaching through song.

    Finally, the last video was interesting; however, I wish it was longer! I thought it was a great idea and very applicable to students.

    Great job, Kelly!

  2. You and Jessica had simliar posts, and I think that both of you are right-- internet safety and School Boundaries are not discussed enough in EDM310. After watching your videos, it is pretty obvious that there is a need for more effective internet safety media! Maybe that could be a project for EDM-ers.