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C4K #7, #8, #9, #10

bumble bee

This week I was assigned to read; "E-L-S-E-R Elser" on Mr. McClung's blog. Jacob Elser is an 8th grade student at, Woodland Jr. High School, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In his post Mr. McClung wrote about Jacob winning the, Arkansas state spelling bee. He will now go on to compete in the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. on June 1-2, 2011. If it is televised, I will definitely be watching to see how far he gets. Who knows? Maybe he will be the winner.

picture of boy at spelling bee

My response:

Hi, My name is, Kelly Evans, I am a student at, The University of South Alabama. I am an elementary education major and a student in, Dr. Strange's, EDM 310 Class. I was assigned to this post as part of our comments for kids assignment.


Good job on winning the spelling bee! That is quite an accomplishment and I am sure that Mr. McClung, your classmates, and family are very proud of you.

I was very impressed with the words you spelled. They were very hard! I don't think I could have done it.

My girls participated in their school spelling bee a couple of months ago and I was so nervous just listening to the words they were spelling. They didn't win, but had a great time taking a part in the spelling bee.

If you want to read more about me you can visit my blog HERE or the EDM 310 class blog HERE


C4K #8

poster of brazil made by student

This week I was assigned to Year 6l, an Egyptian class blog.

The student talked about how he learned, math quadrants. Also, he and a partner had to look up information about, Brazil and put a poster together and present it to the class.

My response:
I introduced myself, and complimented him on his poster. I also wrote about my experience with Geography.


C4K #9

This week the entire EDM 310 class was assigned to look at Ms. Yollis' classroom blog and give a thorough report.

mrs.yollis' 3rd grade class

Mrs. Yollis is a 3rd grade teacher from, California. She is an avid traveler and life long learner. I was very impressed with Mrs. Yollis and her classroom blog. I can see she is dedicated to incorporating technology in her classroom. I did learn something new as I read her bio. I learned that she just received her Master's Degree in, Technology Integration in the classroom.. I didn't know that type of degree even existed! And as equally exciting, she went to Google in, Mountain View, California. I thought Google was a place in the sky, I never thought about them having a corporate office somewhere, you learn something new every day!

Going back to her classroom blog, It was easy to navigate, which is always a plus. I think the way she has the blog setup is much better than others I have seen this semester and what I really think is interesting is; Mrs. Yollis' students have to earn their blogging privilege. What a great way to reward students for their good behavior and hard work.

I like that she teaches in her posts. She writes about a particular subject area and then asks the students to answer questions in their comments. I am quite sure that the grammar and punctuation made by her students, was a lot better than some comments made by college students. She also encourages and includes the student's family and friends to comment on the subject matter too. I saw a few that I am going to do myself!

From what I saw on this blog in particular, is that the students are learning and having fun doing it. I also loved the student's video on Quality Commenting,
I am saving this video to use when I have my own classroom of bloggers.

April 6 blog post from Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog.

poster of school work

Mrs. Yollis and her students have declared April as, Family Blogging Month. The students were working on writing quality comments. Mrs. Yollis included several examples of great quality comments, including some from my fellow EDM 310 classmates.

On a side note:

One interesting thing that she wrote in response to a commenter was,"quality commenting is not about quantity, but about quality." That should be put on a frame and hung on a wall somewhere in the EDM 310 lab. I have seen some long and interesting blog posts this semester, but because the grammar was bad, and no punctuation in sight, the posts were almost unreadable. Proofreading is important! As future educators, we should make sure that the comments we are making on these kids blogs represent good quality work.

My response:

Dear Mrs. Yollis and your awesome, blogging 3rd graders,

My name is, Kelly Evans. I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at, The University of South Alabama.

I loved your video! It was informative and so much fun to watch. You all did a great job presenting your information.

I think it is fantastic that you have created a family blogging month. What a unique way to get your family and friends involved with your day-to-day classroom activities!

As a future teacher, I am very interested in having my own classroom blog and was wondering, how often do you all get to blog? Do you have a set time of day to do it?

I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to keeping up with you through an rss feed.

Kelly Evans

This week I was assigned to comment on, Grace's blog. Grace is a 3rd grade student in, Mrs. Yollis' classroom.

In her post, Grace lists the necessary steps for making quality comments and she also used visual aids to help get her point across. Her post was easy to follow and well written.

My response:

I introduced my self and told her she did a great job with her blog post. She asked a couple of questions at the end, which I answered. I also asked her a couple of questions about her blog. I am still waiting on a response from her. When she does, I will post an update.


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