Monday, February 21, 2011

C4T #2

This week I was assigned to Ann Carnevale's blog, you can find it HERE

Comment #1

teacher and computer

As her blog name would suggest, Mrs. Carnevale's blog is full of information regarding technology of every kind. The first entry was about shortcuts for the, Apple Mac computer. She listed a lot of short cuts that she uses all the time. As a new user to the Mac computer I was excited to learn these shortcuts and will use them myself. She also posted a video of time saving hand gestures, which I found extremely helpful. I would think that this post would be filed under "house keeping" so I looked to the previous post for a better topic. Don't misunderstand me, I loved learning about the Mac but I don't think it meets the criteria for C4T.

Mrs. Carnevale shares some exciting news and provided and update on some new resources. Her exciting news was; she and some other teachers from her school are hosting a write on project. It's a collaborative project involving several classes across the United States. Through the use of WIKI, the students will learn how to incorporate technology into their classroom while they are writing and illustrating stories.

Mrs. Carnevale also talked about a couple of resources; iTunes pod- casts and Carrot sticks. There is a section in iTunes pod-cast for K-12 but, it is not well organized and had lots to offer in terms of material, you just have to look for it.

Carrot Sticks is an online multi-player math game. She said her students like it but, there were a few issues with the program. She gave a list of pros and cons as stated by her students. Overall, she said, it was a great website for students to brush up on their math skills.

My response to her posts:

How did you do that?

Hi Ms. Carnevale,

My name is Kelly Evans, I am a college student at the University of South Alabama, where I am studying Elementary Education. I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class. I was very excited to see this post on short cuts for the Mac. I am a new user to the Mac. world thanks to Dr. Strange and this class. So far I am loving it, but it is a bit different than my previous HP lap top.

Exciting News and New Resources.

Hello again Mrs. Carnevale,

My name is Kelly Evans, I am a student at, The University of South Alabama. I am studying Elementary Education and am in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class. What an awesome project you have going on. I am sure the students are enjoying getting to know other students from other parts of the United States, while working on their stories. I think it’s a great way for them to think outside the box and incorporate their technological skills while doing something so fun.

As I said on your previous posts regarding short cuts to the Mac, I am a new user to the world of Apple products. However, I have had my apple Ipad from the day they came out. I use it mostly for reading, but will definitely check out the pod casts.

Also, I appreciate your students’ input on the carrot sticks game and am going to give the name of the website to my children’s teachers at their elementary school so that they can use it to brush up on their math skills.

Kelly Evans

Comment #2

Mrs. Carnevale's post on you tube videos for the primary classroom was awesome! The vidoes she shared links with were fabulous and so much fun to watch. I am saving them so my kindergartener can watch them when he gets home. I think these videos would make a great lesson opener kids. The video above is engaging and teaches the fundamentals of 2 vowels side by side. I can't wait to use these in my own classroom one day.

My response:Mrs. Carnevale,

Thank you so much for posting these great videos! I didn’t realize those were out there. I am looking forward to sharing them with my younger kids as well as my future students. I especially loved, ” When two vowels go walking.” The educational benefit to watching videos is that you don’t always have to do the talking and it gives the kids a break from the routine. Seeing these makes me excited about my future as an educator.

I am leaving a summary on my blog about the last few posts you have made, feel free to check it out.

Thanks again,

Kelly Evans

Here is another video from, Between the Lions.

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