Monday, February 21, 2011

Project #7- C4K #1, #2, #3,

C4K #1

gold beta fish

Vera S.

I did some investigation and found that Vera. S attends Crozet Elementary School, and Ms. White is a gifted services educator. Crozet Elementary is in Crozet Va.

Vera wrote about her beta fish Sunset. She describes him in detail using words,but also, her sentences were different colors, giving me a visual as to what he looks like. I told her he sounds beautiful and I liked how she used her sentences as a way to describe what Sunset looked like. I also provided her a link to my blog so she can learn a little more about me too.

C4K #2

wind blowing

Mike's Blog

Mike is in Mr. St. Pierre's Class. He wrote a beautiful poem about the wind. I told him he used great adjectives and the poem had a nice flow to it.

C4K #3

teenage girl shopping

Subika's blog

In Subika's post she wrote about her frustration with shopping. She wants to shop but doesn't have the money to buy everything that she wants, so she pouts.

I told her how I love to shop, mostly buying for my kids. As well as, " By hitting the sale racks, you can save money while buying a little something for yourself."

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