Sunday, February 6, 2011

Something new to do

teacher at the front of the class
I know this is not a requirement for EDM310, but I decided that I wanted to document my field experiences at J.E. Turner Elementary School on my EDM 310 blog. These field experiences are a requirement for my EDF class and since this is a media class I wanted to focus on the types of technology being used in the classrooms that I will visit and also what I am doing with my time while I am at the school.

As a student at, The University of South Alabama, I feel it is my duty to expound on my experiences as a future educator, to learn from my inexperience and make myself accountable for every moment I spend in a classroom helping and observing students. I do not want to be just a "good" teacher, I want to be a "great" teacher! I believe the only way to achieve this goal is by learning more, experiencing more, and not be afraid to jump in and prepare myself to take the reins. I welcome your comments, good or bad, so feel free to comment and offer advice.

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